Business Sectors

The aviation market is a very dynamic environment that requires flexibility and high level staff to accommodate the needs of the client, but also to contribute to the passenger experience. Working with the major airlines and airports both in the capital and here in Dubai - from Front -Desk staff to Porter to Maintenance services, we help to engage passengers and airport/airline staff alike.

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Hospitality is fundamental to UAE and requires high level staff to help with hotel guests and their needs. Whether this is way-finding to helping lift baggage or maintaining a quality level cleaning regime – utilising BICSc standards, Farnek employs the staff to get it done effectively and efficiently.

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Farnek is no stranger to the banking industry. Being familiar with banking hours and the flexibility required, we have managed to solidify our long-term partnerships with major banks across the UAE. This includes being able to clean or maintain their branches at different times in the day to maintain the integrity of their asset every day.

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Similar to the banking industry, an organisation needs to be familiar with the retail hours as well as a solid understanding of zones, mission critical assets which is all geared towards a happy and healthy shopper! Working with the largest mall in the world, we strive for excellence every single day.

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Working with one of the largest telecom providers across the UAE at all of their branches, Farnek is experienced and savvy enough to drive efficiencies whilst maintaining a clean environment for prospective and current clientele. Having the flexibility and professionalism to maintain consistency in our services, drives our staff to excellence!

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We service a wide variety of buildings including our TFM solution for both lease-hold, but also Owners Associations, and understand the difference required to ensure a streamlined operation.

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Working within government entities and the educational industry is an important part to Farnek. The needs change with the likes of students vs the government body to which they have their own requirements. Farnek achieves this through our long-term relationships with a wide variety of these institutions, and are proud to maintain their confidence!