Green Team

Our Green Team is a dedicated committee who works with our Sustainability consultancy group for the purpose of understanding as well as communicating new projects and initiatives. Whether this is the fundamental knowledge of recycle management to water consumption, our Green Team is developing new ways to save money and the environment!

Our Green Team is chaired by FARNEK CEO, led by the Director of Consultancy and each department is represented by mid-management level.

The objective is to maintain existing programs and identify new programs highly focusing on water management and CO2 reduction in line with the sustainability strategy of FARNEK, to implement them with the support of top management and other teams in order to strengthen the environmental performance of the company.

Most importantly, we aim at replicating successful ideas in all sites of the company and create a growing culture within our own business but also to generate a contagious engagement in the premises of our clients. Each departmental champion is therefore ambassador for pro¬moting sustainability within their respective department and for identifying achievements, opportunities, and struggles for communication back to the team; they are also in charge of informing external stakeholders on successful achievements or opportunities available for them in implementing sustainable practices.