Business Sectors

Efficient and effective facilities management

Farnek has developed a broad portfolio of services designed to support a wide range of organizations.
Every sector has its own requirements, which is why we try hard to listen to what is important to you.


The aviation market is a very dynamic environment that requires experienced and well-trained staff to accommodate the needs of the client.


Hospitality is one of the UAE’s key economic drivers, requiring staff with the professionalism to welcome and interact with guests to maintaining cleaning standards.


Farnek has a wealth of experience working within the banking industry having secured several long-term relationships with major banks across the UAE.


We have developed a wealth of knowledge in this industry thanks to working with one of the largest telecom providers in the region by providing FM services to all their branches across the UAE.


Property markets in the world it is important to have a company that can maintain health and safety of both residential and office buildings.


Understanding mission critical assets and the flexibility needed to effectively deliver excellence  with the world’s largest mall.


We have developed vast experience working with education institutes and government bodies. The requirements are vastly different however our expertise garnered over several years of working with both ensures the continued confidence in the service we provide.

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