Carbon Management

Farnek has signed a partnership agreement with ClimatePartner, an organisation that helps private sector companies reduce their environmental impact by offsetting carbon emissions and reducing or, where possible, replacing their use of fossil fuels.

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Carbon offset projects help counteract the release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, whilst simultaneously improving the livelihood of people around the world. By supporting carbon offset projects, companies can offset emissions that are currently unavoidable and therefore reduce their overall environmental impact.

Using the ClimatePartner climate action methodology, Farnek’s consultants will be designing tailor-made solutions for Middle East businesses. It starts by defining corporate and product carbon footprints followed by the implementation of a climate action strategy and a carbon offsetting plan. The final act is to communicate that to corporate stakeholders.

ClimatePartner has been offering a wide variety of environmental solutions since 2006, ranging from carbon management strategies to enabling climate neutral products and services. They are also involved with numerous internationally-recognised carbon offset projects and in addition, the company has also developed an IT solution for calculating carbon footprints and offsetting carbon emissions in order to make products and services carbon-neutral.


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